The Most Southern Restaurants in the World

Самый южный ресторан в мире


Southernmost settlements in South America:





Eating establishments



54° 48' S

population ~ 61,000

many restaurants

Puerto Williams


54° 56' S

population ~ 2,400

see below

Estancia Moat Argentina 54° 58' S population ~60


Puerto Toro


55° 04' S

population ~ 40







         Restaurant at Lakutaia Lodge is likely 'The Most Southern Restaurant in the World' (commercial type, and not a bar)

S54° 56' 13''; W67° 38' 03''

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  2nd southernmost restaurant in Puerto Williams is 'Camblor', located in a small hostel. Patricio Capdeville 41; tel: 56 61 621033


Various bases and stations in Antarctica have canteens or mess halls that serve personnel.

Dining is free of charge and included with accommodation


Galley of the US Amundsen-Scott research station is located just a few hundred feet from the South Pole


The Chilean Antarctic settlement Villa Las Estrellas (62°12'S, 58°57'W, Eduardo Frei base) is located on the Fildes Peninsula west of King George Island. It has a small permanent population, school, bank, post office, hostel, and chapel.

There is yet unconfirmed information that Villa Las Estrellas has a Cafeteria that commercially serves hot meals.


The Most Southern Bar in the World

is located at the Ukrainian Vernadsky station

(aka 'Faraday Bar' 65°15'S, 64°16'W, formerly the British station Faraday)

They sell drinks and open sandwiches to occasional visitors.



The above places may have merits for the title "The Southernmost Restaurant in the World", depending on the restaurant definition :  [1] [2]

The Most Northern Restaurant in the World 

Самые необычные рестораны